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Beauty & The Beast (Disney)

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The main set comprises of 3 sets of False Proscenium with matching soft borders. The legs are 16ft high with an optional 2ft top up to take them up to 18ft if required. The onstage edge of the legs will be fitted with lighting  (for use in Be our Guest).

The Castle is a fixed structure permanently set upstage. Provision is made for Gaston’s fall over  the rear of the balustrade. A trap door is built in the main structure for the Beasts Transformation. The use of dry ice will be required, the hatch is large enough to pass the Beasts head dress through.

The Dungeon also utilises the main structure with  the doorway situated centre stage. Trucks are used and redressed for the other castle interior scenes, (The Fireplace /Belle’s Room / Library / The Beast Lair/ The Banquet).

For Be Our Guest  the Castle Gate truck is redressed(as a dresser unit with oversized plates and cutlery) , once on stage flats/ cutlery sections can be  revolved out from both sides by the cast.

The Village utilises a full Back Cloth .
Two village bookflats and a fountain truck are also provided.

The Forest utilise two sets of cut cloths which are also used for  Belle’s cottage and the Tavern.

Belle’s cottage is a trucked unit with practical door and window, this is backed with a sky cloth, a soft tree leg is also used S.L.

A sky scene and full black midstage  cloths are used as backings for day/night options in the opening narration, forest, Belle’s  cottage and Tavern scenes.

The Tavern is also a free standing truck unit with practical doorway to the rear and an onstage flipper. Tables, chairs and barrels can be provided at an extra charge to dress the scene.

A props package will be available (Additional costs will apply)

Trick Tea Trolley                          Tables, chairs, stools, barrels, for the Tavern.
 Pop’s Invention                           Banquet table, chairs and dressing.


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