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Guys & Dolls

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Designed by Christopher Beeching

The set for GUYS AND DOLLS has been designed with an eye to making the changes of scene as easy as possible to execute, and needing the minimum of storage space. The show is set inside a "Black Box" into which elements of the set are placed.

Backing all of the New York exterior scenes is a NEW YORK sky-line backcloth. The various streets are then formed from stylised, perspective Street-Legs hung from tab tracks. These offer a wide variety of locations, changes being possible in full view, as one street location dissolves into the next; as well as giving lots of corners and alley-ways for shady characters to lurk!

The colours of the street legs are bright and vibrant, complimenting the stylised Runyanland characters. It is possible to back-light the dye painted windows in the Street-Legs for the night time scenes.

The setting of the Mission is simple, being a double and triple bookflat, with a practical doorway on it's own plinth, which is reversible for the exterior of the mission.

The Hot Box, with it's dark purple drapes and the Sewer scene with it's entrance staircase from a dramatic 8'6" above (a 6' actor's head would be at over 14') and stylised perspective pipes, both give tremendous opportunities for atmospheric and dramatic lighting.

In the Brochure the pictures are of the set model. Should you have any queries about the set or wish to visit us to view the model, please do not hesitate to call PROSCENEIUM.


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