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Designed by Christopher Beeching

This pad of Plans for CAROUSEL shows the three false prosceniums that are included with our set. The muted sea-green fabric in which they are covered is very versatile from a lighting point of view, ie: it should not bounce light all over the stage when more subtle effects are required. The solid legs to the false prosceniums are 18ft high (if necessary they can also be used at 16ft) with soft borders of 40ft x 4ft approx. Up-stage there is a run of rostra,of varying heights, the centre section of which is permanent.

Also used in many of the scenes are "Tree Trunks" and " Tree Borders" which are constructed of translucent fibre glass, with inlays of silver fabric, mesh and plastic rods. These, when lit, can either be given a solid look (front and side light) or the magical, hazy look of birch woods, when back lighting is added to them. This magical, hazy look is in fact the concept of the design. All the backcloths are painted as if they are pastel drawings, where the colour of the paper shows through, this colour being chosen so as to lend an extra emotional dimension to their particular scene. Set pieces , eg: Netties Spa , Julie's Cottage, The School House all continue this feeling, the cladding of the flatage fading away to a covering of scrim and the same fabric as that on the false prosceniums, the set appearing to dissolve at the edges. Is Julie seeing life in a soft-focus haze? Is it all a "dream" for Billy?

The opening Fairground set is achieved by suggestive elements, so as to alleviate the need for a difficult and long change to Scene 2 before the show has hardly got under way! There are four rideable Carousel Horses mounted on trucks and a light chase unit suspended above that will give the impression of motion when used in conjuction with the horse trucks. ( You need a maximium of seven circuits on your lighting board to operate the light chase!) The various elements - including those on the black backcloth - are picked out in UV paint, the addition of UV lighting to the usual LX rig giving the scene a garish 1870's fairground look. In this scene the "Trees" are intended to be back-lit in "fairground" colours, thus becoming columns around the side shows.

For the "Cloud" sections between the scenes in Act Two, a "silk" will be provided. This is cut in wide cloudlike scalloped bands of "silk", dyed in graduating colours from dark blue-grey to white. The lower edge of this cloth is also cut in cloud-like scallops, then carefully weighted. When the cloth is lowered at a moderate speed, movement will be caused within it, the effect being as if billowing clouds are falling from above. Also, being of a "silk-like" texture, atmospheric lighting effects can be played on it from behind, giving extra visual depth.

In the "Waterfront" scene, marked on the plan is, "Trick Box Area". This is an area which allows for the appearance of the Heavenly Friend from nowhere, and also allows the "dead" Billy to see his own body being carried off. Details will be given to your director on request!

Three-dimensional translucent stars in two sizes are provided for the "Up There" scene. However, the Star Cloth is not provided with the set.

There are two ways of using the final set, one as a daytime scene outside the "School House", the other (given enough stage depth and for a small extra charge) an evening scene revealing Billy walking back to "Up There" and into the stars. Photos of both versions are in the brochure.

It is intended that most of the scene changes should be done "live", using stage staff attired in black, after the manner of the Japanese Bunraku Theatre.

Photographs in this Brochure are of the scale model. Should you have any questions about the designs or wish to inspect the model for CAROUSEL please do not hesitate to contact PROSCENEIUM.


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