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Calamity Jane

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Designed by Christopher Beeching

The set for Calamity Jane has been designed with an eye to making the changes of scene as easy as possible to execute, and needing the minimum of storage.

The Golden Garter has been placed upstage, giving it more prominence, and also enabling this large unit, as well as the swing doors into the saloon to be permanently set. Flippers on the outer edges of this permanent section allow for access through to other set.

The cut cloth for the CHICAGO DRESSING ROOM depits the outside of the Bijou Theatre, giving the impression that we are looking into the dressing room on the first floor of the building. The hieght and placing of the mirror will negate having an extra mirror for katie to look at herself and also see Calamity behind her - making this change of scene that much easier.

The new curtains for Calamity's Cabin are provided with the sets and are blue gingham.

The bedroom for the girls off stage left, The bunks themselves not being a requirement in the scene and, if there, an unnesceasrry addition to the scene change! The cut cloth for this scene shows the outside of the cabin, the roof, surrounding trees etc. and, as with the Chigago scene, it's as if the side of the building has been cut away.

The reception room in Fort Scully is suitably decorated for the festive occasion with flags etc.

All banners needed for the show will also be provided, being placed above the swing doors of the Golden Garter on a simple pulley system operated from onstage. (So that the first banner, at the top of the show, is seen being put up).

The Photographs in this brochure arre of the set model and if you have any queries about the designs or wish to see the model please do not hesitate to call PROSCENEIUM


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