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Designed by Christopher Beeching

The design for our Aladdin set is based on a Victorian toy theatre, a colourful traditional story book design. It is an Arabian Aladdin, rather than an Oriental design.

The set had a major refurbishment at Christmas 2000, adding extra flatage, in the form of bookwings (2 No 16’ x 4” flats) to each scene.

The cave entrance was completely rebuilt in full 3D – two truck pieces with a connecting rock on top now magically slide apart (with the help of two hidden stage crew).

Two full false proscenium arches were also added. These are bookflats (2 flats pinned together 16’ x4’ extendable to 18’). The down stage false proscenium offstage flats have openings for access.

The soft false proscenium borders are 36’ x 6’ downstage, and 36’ x 6’ Mid stage. They are painted with the same detail as the Sapphire Palace, to give extra depth to the walkdown scene and frame the whole set with complimentary masking in larger theatres.

There is also a new optional “Wisheys haunted bedroom” scene – designed to play as an insert against the Palace cloth (or theatre tabs). It contains a bed which can slide into the wall so the occupant can disappear – there is also a clock and a wardrobe (both with double doors) and a haunted painting above the bed with an arm that “comes to life” to create mischief.

The set also comes complete with a songs sheet “There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden…..”

If you have any queries about this set or require more information please do not hesitate to call.

Cloth sizes are approx 28ft x 17.4ft


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