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Set design by Jonathan Ingham

Our set is simple to use and is designed to create space for big production numbers in the most uncompromising theatre spaces. The design uses straightforward frontcloth / backcloth scene changes with small trucks for maximum flexibility. The cloths are colourful fresh designs to reflect the comic strip roots of the show with stylish 30's flavour.

The orphanage consists of three trucks, Hannigans office, the front door, and a dormitory wall. (The window frames are solid enough to perch on and gaze out wistfully!). There are five practical beds. Hannigans office rotates to reveal its interior containing a desk and radio both built and painted "scenery" props, to blend cohesively with the set).

St Mark's is a simple frontcloth, behind which the Hooverville is set. The 59th street Bridge towers over the shacks on the backcloth. Two more shacks move in on narrow trucks that fold for easier storage or alternatively the flats may be flown. A small groundrow stove can provide a focus for the down and outs.

Warbucks mansion is a frontcloth interior showing Warbucks collection of fine art and a view through the huge arch into the grand hall / Ballroom.Warbucks study is created when a desk is trucked on stage left. A copy of the Mona Lisa is provided as a separate small canvas.

The Warbucks staircase can also be used in the scene change to NYC. The Warbucks front cloth is flown out revealing Annie on the staircase with the NYC cloth in darkness upstage, as she descends to meet warbucks at the foot of the steps, the staircase is moved off as the NYC light box signs are flown in and the lights come up on NYC.Warbucks study is created when a desk is trucked on stage left.

Act two opens with the NBC radio frontcloth. The cloth has two gauze panel windows with masking flats upstage. This creates an opportunity for more chorus members to be involved in the scene as observing technicians, radio station executives etc.

The Whitehouse is another frontcloth depicting the cabinet room and the presidential crest. In keeping with the style of the set the flags are painted on the cloth.

The end of act two begins with the Warbucks frontcloth which flies out two reveal the ballroom. Two bookflats frame the staircase and create masking for the staircase get off. The staircase can be backed by the Warbucks ballroom cloth or the NYC backcloth for a dramatic view through the ballroom windows. The staircase is very flexible on the smaller stage where depth is limited the whole staircase can run parallel to the stage edge rather than the suggested " L " shaped layout. The stairs can also be split and just the front sections used. The finale is complete with the addition of our 12' Christmas Tree.

If you have any queries at all do not hesitate to contact us. Please consult our extensive props list for any extras you wish to use. Including desks and an excellent fire effect stove for Hooverville.

Some useful dimensions:

Cloth Sizes: 38' x 17'6"

False Proscenium:
3 sets are provided; Borders are 4' x 4'
The flats are 16' with a 2' extension, downstage returns are 4' upstage and midstage returns are 2"

The Orphanage;
- "doorway" unit max height 13'
- "window" unit max height 11'
- "office" unit max height 11'
- Hooverville; "shacks" max height 7'6"

Warbuck's mansion; The window flats are 9'. When attached to the staircase the total height is 14'6" The bookflats are 14'


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