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Calamity Jane (West End Set)

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This set for Calamity Jane was originally built for the highly acclaimed professional tour starring Toyah Wilcox. Prosceneium have modified the set to be suitable for smaller venues as well as No 1 theatres.

The Main sky backcloth is used throughout the show. By the use of creative and imaginative lighting, this cloth can be used to great effect, as shown in the photographs displayed in this brochure. Ground-rows depicting the Black Hills of Dakota are also provided and can be used in a versatile way to create different locations.

The Golden Garter comprises TWO main trucks, which slot together. The S.L. Truck houses the saloon bar and a working door to the rear. The S.R. truck houses the main entrance door to the saloon. THREE banners are provided to announce the arrival of the various artistes.

The Deadwood Stage is fully portable and can seat 4 persons inside.  This is an optional extra and would only be suitable for larger theatres with ample storage space.

The Deadwood mini buildings are very sturdy, and can be lit from inside by the use of individual power packs.

Adelaide Adam’s Dressing Room at the Bijou Theatre in Chicago is created by the use of ONE truck with TWO working doors, one in each upright. A theatre stage cloth with gauze panel is provided to bleed through to Adelaide’s performance on-stage, this is backed by a plain cyc. The theatre cloth is flown out and the rest of the scene played against the plain cyc.

A Ground-row depicting Chicago buildings and lamppost are also provided for outside the theatre, if so required.

Calamity’s Cabin is an L shaped truck on castors. This allows for the truck to be easily turned from an outside view to the view of the interior. During the transformation scene “A woman’s touch”  the S.L. panel is released at the front and the panel opens and swings across to meet the S.R panel, revealing the freshly painted cabin.



The “Black Hills of Dakota” scene is created by using the Main backcloth and ground-rows only

Fort Scully is created by TWO sets of large flown uprights with wood panelling adjoining each set, and coat-rails along the bottom of each panel. TWO period Stars and Stripes flags are also provided for this scene. ONE extra border can be provided for this scene if required.

A Miniature Wild-West steam train with carriage can be provided as an optional extra. This has working lights (battery driven) and uses smoke pellets in the funnel. The whole train is propelled across the stage by pulling it from one side of the stage to the other using a fine wire.

TWO sets of book-flat false pros are included for D.S and M.S. with 2 soft borders.


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