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Me & My Girl

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Designed by Christopher Beeching

The scene changes for Me & My Girl are worked around a series of permanent false prosceniums, the two upstage of which have arches running up and downstage between them.

The Car for the opening sequence of the show will be provided. Plans of this, plus a "cardboard cutout", 1" - 1' scale model for you to make up, is available upon request.

The House revolves and has an upper gallery level, it's get off steps moving laterally into position. The lower end of these steps hinge up for storage.

In the Rose Drawing Room, the windows hinge out from their Act One storage position, behind the upstage false proscenium. These are 13'3" to the top of the highest profile. French windows swing into the arch on stage left.

The Tree cut cloth and borders for the exterior scenes will be a stylised collage of different fabrics (some metalic) on opera net.

The Library flattage replaces that of the Drawing Room during the interval and works on the same principle. This will also be topped by profiles. There will be four portraits in the wall of books and two "secret" doors. For the Ancestors "tap break" a row of books will hinge down. (It will also be possible to fly this section as a French Flat.) The downstage bookcase flippers will have "singing" busts!

The House truck for Lambeth is the reverse of the Kitchen stairs truck with the addition of two flats.

All full backcloths will be 36' x 17' 6" approx, however, there will be an additional border that ties in with the design of the main backcloth, from behind which the main backcloth should be deadhung if the extra height is needed.

For smaller depth stages the front false proscenium can be omitted, and to facilitate the changes of house position that take place behind other scenes, the main house splits into three sections.

If you have any queries about the designs, please do not hesitate to contact PROSCENEIUM.


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