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42nd Street

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Designed by Christopher Beeching

The “42ND STREET” set is a glamorous, stylized art deco celebration of a classic escapist musical.

The following points are based on frequently asked questions about the set over the last 6 years.


2 Large flats are designed to slide apart on que, to reveal Dorothy’s bedroom. To do this they need to be flown on tracks – in theatres with restricted flying space the hotel scene will work effectively without the large flats.

Big Trucks

The set uses just 4 large trucks which are re-dressed to create the kids dressing room, Broad Street station, the Pullman car train interior. The get off steps slot into place on either side of each truck to allow easy access and so the trucks can completely rotate for the scene changes.

The Steps

The same 4 trucked step units are used in different configurations in the hotel, the station and the Maison Des Dames.

Maison Des Dames

The “Maison Des Dames” interior is made up of 3 large bookflats – we recommend that an experienced crew handle this scene change. The 4 Maison Des Dames exterior flats are designed to fly, ideally on tracks so that they can slide apart.

To Fly or Not To Fly

The dressing room & Gypsy Tea Kettle can be flown or used as freestanding flatage.


Broad Street Station is backed by a 9ft x 36ft cloth which fly’s in to the upper level of the trucks – alternatively a star cloth (not supplied by us) looks very effective for both the station and the lights on Broadway scene.

Flown Lights

The flown signs are painted lettering surrounded by approximately 50 bulbs on each – in addition to the 4 on the plans we have 2 extra flown light boxes.

Satin Drapes and Ruched Curtains

These drapes are a silver satin fabric with painted ruched detail – they are not actual ruched curtains. The down stage ruched curtains will ruche 3ft or so to reveal the girls dancing feet at the start of the show.

The Lights

The kids dressing room lights can be controlled by the artiste’s.

The False Proscenium

The art deco false proscenium has a silver timber relief detail. The wing flats are 16ft x 5ft – Borders are soft. The maximum proscenium opening sizes are marked on the plans.

The Pullman Car

This has ten bunks each with it’s own pair of practical silver curtains.


18 Small coins 2ft 3 inches in diameter x 7 inches deep and 1 Large Coin 4ft diameter x 15 inches deep are provided with the set. Practice coins can be provided on request.

Cloth sizes are 36ft x 17ft 6inches (approx) and are painted on calico to be lighter and more effective on wipe tracks.

Should you have any queries about the set, please do not hesitate to contact PROSCENEIUM.


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